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Witchcraft is a motion picture company founded by filmmakers rod blackhurst and Noah lang.

We make character driven films and Television shows.

STory matters. Craft matters.



Our industry has a blind spot.

All over the country we have creatives who are as talented and deserving as the folks landing INDUSTRY deals and opportunities that we see reported in the trades daily.

There is an entire creative class who is overlooked by systemic institutional failures. A creative class that has the talent, work ethic, drive, and love for storytelling and craft that can make iconic cinema and TV. And they need partners to help them achieve their dreams.

We founded Witchcraft as a tastemaker label to live by the ethos we’ve long adhered to; send the elevator back down and be a part of making the entertainment industry more egalitarian.

It’s about the work and finding creative, crafty, and economical ways to make undeniable projects.

We’ve built out our initial slate to reflect that ethos.

We are scrappy, motivated, and completely and utterly in love with filmmaking and the impact that great storytelling can have.

Witchcraft is our investment in that belief. Join us.






LOGLINE: Deep in the winter woods of upstate New York a retiring public school teacher, Liz Klein, uncovers a carefully guarded secret while searching for her missing student in the shuttered homes of a vacation community. As Liz navigates this impossible evil she will be forced to make a choice that will define the final chapter of her life.

GENRES: Horror, thriller

DIRECTOR: Rod Blackhurst

STUDIO: Amblin Partners

PRODUCERS: Evan Hayes, Andrew Rona, Noah Lang, Alex Heineman


STORY BY: Rod Blackhurst and Bryce McGuire



LOGLINE: Sometimes good people do the wrong things for the right reasons.

SYNOPSIS: The Texas summer of 1993 is the hottest one yet on record and Cliff, a traveling salesman, is drowning in the myth of the American dream. Things already aren’t looking up when an encounter with an old co-worker, Ricky, brings up some things from the past Cliff would rather forget about.

But Cliff is out of options. Desperate to keep his fragile home life intact Cliff agrees to run a small batch of drugs for Ricky’s new coworkers, a low level cartel. As it turns out Ricky has other plans and Cliff soon finds himself caught in a struggle to get away clean, in a business where no one does.

GENRES: Crime thriller

DIRECTOR: Rod Blackhurst

PRODUCERS: Noah Lang, Rod Blackhurst

SCREENWRITER: David Ebeltoft

STORY BY: Rod Blackhurst and David Ebeltoft

(download the look book)



LOGLINE: Once upon a time humans created The Machine. Designed for good, to help civilization, The Machine did just that. But as time passed people corrupted The Machine, which in turn did the same to them.

GENRES: Science fiction

DIRECTOR: Rod Blackhurst

PRODUCERS: Rod Blackhurst, Noah Lang, Realization Films

STORY BY: Rod Blackhurst, Noah Lang and Bryce McGuire



SYNOPSIS: This is a story about how we all have a place in the universe. A story about how we all have a purpose. A sincere film for cynical teams. A story that will make kids smile and parents beam. And something that reminds us all of why we’re human and how we’re all connected.

GENRES: Grounded contemporary science fiction

DIRECTOR: Rod Blackhurst

SCREENWRITERS: Rod Blackhurst & Ben Watts



LOGLINE: This is the true story of U.S. soldiers left for dead in Iraq, their epic battle for survival, and the military cover-up that kept them silent – until now.

GENRES: War, Thriller

DIRECTOR: Rod Blackhurst

SCREENWRITER: Patrick McConville

STORY BY: Rod Blackhurst and Patrick McConville

BASED ON: Seth Harp's Rolling Stone article "Abandoned in Iraq: Inside Two Soldiers’ Harrowing Escape"



LOGLINE: There’s something in the water.

GENRES: Horror, thriller

DIRECTOR: Bryce McGuire

STUDIO: New Line / Atomic Monster


STORY BY: Bryce McGuire and Rod Blackhurst



SYNOPSIS: Sent to live with his Grandfather for the summer after a violent incident in school, Brandon becomes embroiled in the sinister local lore of a small town when he finds a VHS that he wasn’t meant to see.

GENRES: An anytown America thriller

DIRECTOR: Patrick Biesemans


SCREENWRITER: Patrick Biesemans

STATUS: Scripting



SYNOPSIS: Nobody knows what to think when the old man lights himself on fire in the Clay City Dollar General parking lot. Then the next morning, two violent felons, lifers, escape from the correctional facility on the outskirts of town. They just weren’t there at morning call. Gone.

Inspired by the rich thematic tapestry of Arthur Miller’s ‘The Crucible’, the sense of place and atmosphere of TRUE DETECTIVE, and the countless true stories of secrets left buried in small towns across America, CLAY CITY is a ten part dramatic series about distraction, deception, guilt, community, fear, vigilante justice, and self-righteousness.

No one in Clay City is prepared for any of the fallout from the day’s events. This type of shit just doesn’t happen around here. As a massive manhunt is mobilized to search the hunting cabins, vacation homes, dirt roads, and miles and miles of dense forest, everyone is on edge and the town is divided over the uneasy tension the scrutiny is bringing to their sleepy town.

The fabric of a rural community begins to unravel when it turns out that the convicts had help on the inside – and on the outside as well. Concern and confusion turns to fear and anger. Neighbors and friends reopen old wounds in what was just days earlier a quiet relic of old value Americana.

As the manhunt enters a second week, hysteria supplants logic. A third week with new tips – but no solid leads - and no answers. Everyone is guilty of something but some more guilty and more invested in the privacy they’ve taken for granted for decades than others.

And what does a burning man have to do with it?

GENRE: Dramatic crime thriller

DIRECTOR: Rod Blackhurst

STORY BY: Rod Blackhurst and Noah Lang



GENRE: Horror, thriller

STATUS: TV series in development

DIRECTOR: Rod Blackhurst

CREATED BY: Rod Blackhurst and Bryce McGuire

BASED ON: “The Dark Door” by Kate Wilhelm




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