1. The majority of the scripts we read coming out of Hollywood - from “inside the castle” - are bad and not worth making. It’s exhausting sifting through over developed nonsense and bad ideas. Most of them don’t have anything to say and don’t need to exist as films. And yet, people peddle them.

It’s confusing primarily because as filmmakers we’re expected to only share fully realized and finished material with executives and producers.

2. Because we’ve had such a hard time getting to a point in our careers where we can actually make the films we know are good we want to send the elevator back down. We want to find and option a script from a writer who traditional Hollywood gatekeepers and institution don’t even know exists.

Looking back at our own journey to get to this point, had someone “inside the castle” believed in us and our ideas it would have been easier to forge this path. But nobody did. So we had to do it on our own. We know others are frustrated and we don’t want to perpetuate that unnecessary cycle. We want to be those people “inside the castle” for a creatively deserving idea.

3. We’re interested in writers from under represented communities.

4. Finally, we don’t want to develop material. We want to support writers with a clear voice and style - and a vision on the page that’s undeniable. Writers with fully realized scripts.

We plan/hope (submissions dependent) to option 1-3 new finished genre scripts (horror, science fiction, thriller, mystery, crime) between January 1 2019 and January 1 2020. We’ll work with you on an option agreement for your script - and then we will pay you at least WGA flat deal screen minimum fees. Those minimums vary relative to the budget of the film. You can see those minimums here on pages 1-4. We recommend registering your script with the WGA before submitting so that you protect you intellectual property.

The submission form is below and because we know what it’s like to be broke - it’s free to submit. Please fill out all fields. Once we take a look at the details you submit we’ll let you know if we want to read the script.


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